FutsalCast is a podcast about Futsal.  We talk with Futsal leaders from around the world and cover all aspects of this fast growing sport, including player development and opportunities, coaching strategies, notable Futsal leagues, facilities and organizations, and global governance.  Get your Futsal fix with a new episode published every couple weeks.

FutsalCast #7 Federico Mariel, City Futsal

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Guest: Federico Mariel

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Say howdy to the only family-run, self-sustaining futsal operation in the country--perhaps the world. In this episode, Federico Mariel shares the humble origin story of the now massive City Futsal in Dallas, Texas, from its modest beginnings as a training operation based out of the back of a pick up truck, to now a 100,000 sq ft, multi-million dollar training facility providing opportunities for over 4,000 players in the Lone Star State.

Words to describe Federico: pragmatic, focused, adaptable, and attentive to customer needs.

A big thanks to Federico for sharing his time, experience, and advice.

Please enjoy the show and thanks for listening! Don't forget to give us a like or contact us to suggest a guest. Thanks!

FutsalCast #6- Diana Guntvedt, Futsal Without Borders

Located in Silicon Valley, Northern California, Futsal Without Borders provides opportunities for players of all backgrounds. Founder/Program Manager, Diana Guntvedt shares her mission to develop youth with traits of commitment, discipline, and excellence towards friendship and high levels of self-efficacy all through the language of this simple game. Her club boasts multiple USFF National Championships and competition amongst some of the top clubs around the globe (Spain, Italy, Costa Rica, etc.). A big thanks to Diana for her service to the youth.

Visit futsalwithoutborders.org for more info.

Enjoy the show and thanks for listening!

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FutsalCast #5 Derek Smith, School of Ginga

FutsalCast Episode 5 Derek Smith School of Ginga

Guest: Derek Smith

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Derek Smith, co-founder of School of Ginga in Cincinnati, OH, brings his generous, knowledgeable, kid-like nature to the mic. Ginga has sent multiple players to the US Youth Futsal National Team to compete overseas and is a well-loved experience for seemingly everyone who sets foot in their trainings, no matter the level. How many teams do college recruiters pick up? (Hint: zero--they scout for players)

'Studies show it: the more fun and games we play as young people, the more we're willing to do the hard work later in life in our professional lives.' Derek convinces us on the power of fun.

Enjoy the show and thanks for listening!

FutsalCast #4 Gui Costa, MBFA Youth Academy

FutsalCast Gui Costa Futsal Podcast Oregon Youth Futsal Australia Melbourne

Guest: Gui Costa

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Brazilian native, 3-time Futsal World Cup Head Coach, MBFA Youth Academy Founder, Gui Costa shares his story and experiences with futsal growing up and playing the game at a high level amongst club soccer teammates eventually going on to perform in the Bundesliga and with the Brazilian National Team. In this episode, We address the recent USMNT abnegation from the World Cup Finals and how Costa believes American soccer can turn the ship around starting with the MLS and its policy on promotion/relegation as a means to encourage healthy competition. We also hear perspective on Futsal's growth as a sport in its own right, and how a big step towards development will be overcoming political barriers to enter the Olympics. 

A big thank you to Gui for sharing his time and knowledge.